Defender Arcade Machine

This arcade machine is aimed at the Defender fan !  It is just a particular version of our custom arcade machines but as our most popular item, and our favourite, it gets its own page.


You would get all the same benefits described here if you order any Defender panel with another of our machines. 

Defender Arcade Machine Defender Arcade Machine


Defender is the reason we had to design the quick swap panel system. The unique control scheme really deserves a short precise 2way joystick and proper leaf buttons in the correct positions, just as Eugene designed it.


The screen and controls are the same size and in the same position as on the original Defender cabinet, but using an LCD screen means it is smaller and lighter than the original. At around 75kg it has enough weight to be stable but it is also quite manageable, which is not something you can say about the original.


With the addition of Left and Right buttons on the DefenderPlusLR control panel, you can also play any of the Left/Right games, eg Asteroids, Galaxian, Galaga, Space Invaders, Phoenix....


Or with the further addition of a 4/8way joystick on the DefenderPlusJLF control panel, you can also play any 4way or 8way games, eg Pacman, Pengo, Qix, Scramble, 1941, Frogger



We've spent time researching and tweaking the emulation system to ensure top end performance, which is important for such a responsive game as Defender. 


On the menu you will find some interesting new versions of Defender, and various named settings (eg TGTS, WDPUTS). This means you don't have to keep adjusting the settings, and each version you play can have its own permanent high score table.


Controls that feel like the original can be important to bring back those old memories, but with the Defender joystick we having chosen performance over originality. Our Zeroplay 2way joystick is the same geometry as the original, it's just a bit better (using roller bearings to remove the free play that was found on the original stick). For buttons we use original style leaf buttons for Thrust, Fire and Reverse and they can be specified for other positions if wanted.





Example system: 

£  720   LowBoy style cabinet

£  220   DefenderPlusLR panel flat

£  940  LowBoy DefenderPlusLR


Example system: 

£  885   Upright Arcade Machine with Marquee

£  220   DefenderPlusLR panel flat

£1105   Upright DefenderPlusLR


Example system: 

£ 1025  Rotary Screen Arcade Machine with Marquee

£  275   DefenderPlusJLF panel

£1300   Rotary Screen DefenderPlusJLF


Example system: 

£  885   Upright Arcade Machine with Marquee

£  250   DefenderPlusLR panel

£  330   RobotronPlus4 SNAP  panel

£    70   1 Storage Compartment (2 panels)

£1535   Upright Defender & Robotron with Storage


Example system: 

£1025   Rotary Screen Arcade Machine with Marquee

£  250   DefenderPlusLR panel

£  330   RobotronPlus4 SNAP  panel

£  140   4 Storage Compartment

£1745   Rotary Defender & Robotron with Storage 


Optional Storage etc :

£   70   1 storage compartment

£ 140   4 storage compartments

£   25   additional Quick Swap marquees        


Alternate and Extra Control Panels:  

£100 to £350    See Control Panels for details.


Graphics Options:  

£ Free   Your choice of our existing graphics.

£ Free   You can provde your own graphics.

£ POA   New or custom graphics.


£ Free   Collection (long estate car or van required).

£  100   Specialist courier, approx 2-5 week service.

£  POA  Immediate delivery by ourselves,  



Order Process:
A telephone conversation early in the process is usually the best way to establish your requirements and from there the best solution for you. It's a complex trade-off between budget and which games you care most about. Also we'll be thinking about when it can be built/delivered which depends on stock levels and the current build queue.
When you are ready to order, we will take a deposit and that secures your position in the build queue.


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