Defender Arcade Machine

Defender Arcade Machine Defender Arcade Machine


Defender is the reason we had to design the quick swap panel system. The unique control scheme really deserves a short precise 2way joystick and proper leaf buttons in the correct positions, just as Eugene designed it, but that's difficult to accomodate in a single panel multigame system.


Screen position is based on Williams cabinets but using a flat panel means the cabinet is smaller and lighter than the original. At around 75kg it has enough weight to be stable but it is also manageable.


Defender control panels and variations are described here: Defender Panels 


We've spent time researching and tweaking the emulation system to ensure top end performance, which is important for such a responsive game as Defender. Read our findings on arcade emulation.


On the menu you will find some interesting new versions of Defender, and lots of named settings (eg TGTS, WDPUTS). This means you don't have to keep adjusting the settings, and each version you like to play will have its own permanent high score table.


Controls that feel like the original can be important to bring back those old memories, but we have rejected one common memory and that is the loose and wobbly worn out Defender joystick. Our Zeroplay 2way joystick is the same geometry as the original but it is engineered for precision. For buttons we use original style leaf buttons for Thrust, Fire and Reverse and they can be specified for other positions if wanted.



For prices please see these pages:  Prices, Example Builds   ,  How to Order


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