Missile Command Arcade Machine


We have made plenty of missile command control panels for our customers, but we have yet to make a cabinet in the style of the original cabinet.


You could be the first ! Get in touch with us to discuss.



Missile Command is another of the iconic classic arcade games.


While it is playable on a standard MAME panel with 3" trackball, that doesn't come close to re-creating the feel of the original 4.5" Atari trakball.  Due to non-availability of parts, we have had to  design and build our own trackball for this game.


On the menu you will find various named settings (eg 10k bonus, 12k bonus, ...  and tournament versions).  This means you don't have to keep adjusting the settings, and each version has its own permanent high score table.


You will also find the sequel(?)  Super Missile Attack.






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