How to Order


Order Process:
After having a look around the website you are welcome to email us, but we find that a telephone conversation early in the process is usually the quickest way to clarify your requirements without missing anything, and from there to work out the best solution for you. 
We will aslo advise on when it can be built/delivered which depends on stock levels and the current build queue.
When you are ready to order:
   >  If we have a suitable machine and panels already built we will arrange a delivery date and take the full payment.  
   >  If it has to be built, we will take a deposit and that secures your position in the build queue. 
Panel Combinations:


The process of choosing a combination of panels involves looking at the totality of games that you want to play, and which games you want to play with authentic controls and/or layout.


Then we look at how to combine those requirements into a number of panels, bearing in mind budget and useability. 


If you want to start thinking about what panels might suit you, take a look at some popular panel combos  


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