Multi-Williams Arcade Machine


On this page we are going to explore the options for how to play Defender and Robotron on the same machine. This is not a trivial problem !


We will assume that you would like to play as many games as possible where the cost is just adding some buttons.



2 Control Panels (3 sticks):


This is why we designed the swap panel system, the point of this option is that you can have both Defender and Robotron with the correct controls in the standard positions. Also you can have both sets of original graphics. And beyond Williams, you can add other control panels too. 


The Defender panel has a nice space in the middle that could be used for a 4way joystick or maybe a spinner if you want to add more games.


This configuration adds some cost due to the extra panel, and possibly extra storage cost (depending on whether you need storage anyway for 3rd or 4th panels).


Panel swap-over is quick, but not as quick as just having one panel.  



1 Control Panel, 3 Sticks


There are a few feasible layouts for this.


The centred player layout has Robotron sticks set closer together, and Defender controls set wider than standard.


The offset player layout has both sets of controls with the standard width, but offsets Robotron to the left and Defender to the right. This layout allows for 2 player Joust.



1 Control Panel, 2 Sticks


This is a commonly used design because there has been a control panel overlay available for a long time. 


The downside is playing Defender with a Robotron stick.




Other options:


Your Multi-Williams could be based on any of the cabinet designs: LowBoy, Upright or Rotary.


Graphics can be tailored in a wide variety of ways. You can choose two different side arts. You could choose an overall colour scheme eg Red/Yellow or Blue/Yellow and apply that to all the panels and sides. Or you could keep each panel to its own standard colours.


With the swap panel system, the marquee is also quick swappable so you can have one to match each panel.





Example system: 

£  885   Upright Arcade Machine with Marquee

£  350   Multi-Wiliams panel 2x Wico 4"  

£1235   Upright Multi-Williams


Example system: 

£  885   Upright Arcade Machine with Marquee

£  250   DefenderPlusLR panel  

£  300   RobotronPlus2 panel 

£   25    extra marquee

£   70   1 compartment (2panels)

£1530   2 panel Multi-Williams



Optional Storage etc :

£   70   1 storage compartment

£ 140   4 storage compartments

£   25   additional Quick Swap marquees        


Alternate and Extra Control Panels:  

£100 to £350    See Control Panels for details.


Graphics Options:  

£ Free   Your choice of our existing graphics.

£ Free   You can provde your own graphics.

£ POA   New or custom graphics.


£ Free   Collection (long estate car or van required).

£  100   Specialist courier, approx 2-5 week service.

£  POA  Immediate delivery by ourselves,  



Order Process:
A telephone conversation early in the process is usually the best way to establish your requirements and from there the best solution for you. It's a complex trade-off between budget and which games you care most about. Also we'll be thinking about when it can be built/delivered which depends on stock levels and the current build queue.
When you are ready to order, if it's a custom build we will take a deposit and that secures your position in the build queue.


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