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At jbgaming we love the classic arcade games, and we are serious about playing them properly, for us that means high performance emulation and high performance controls laid out correctly. To that end we have developed a number of systems you won't find anywhere else.


Quick Swap Control Panel System.


With this system you can play your favourite games without any compromise on the controls, and then still play hundreds of other games on a generic control panel. The menu system has a different gamelist for each control panel so the player is only shown games that are suitable for the installed panel. 


Rotary Screen.


The rotary screen option solves the problem of how to play both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) games with a correctly sized picture filling the screen on a single machine.


Side Profiles


A number of profiles are available and more can be added if requested. Make your choice based on looks and size.


The Taito profile is more suited to solo play (as opposed to eg two player fighters).  


Cabinet Width


We make two widths: 640mm and 560mm.  The narrower machine is great for single play, but doesn't support some panels (eg Fighter + Trackball) and doesn't support the rotary screen option. 




Choose one of our exisitng cabinet graphics or ask about something customised. See some examples and ideas in the gallery


Personalised Configuration / Ordering Process


We will look at your requirements and preferences and suggest the best configuration of controls and panels to meet your needs. The process is described on the How to Order page.


Example Control Panel Combos 


Discussion of some popular control panel combos.


Pricing and Example builds


The  Pricing page shows how a custom configuration is priced up, and here is a page with priced examples.


Discussion pages for specific machines:




Missile Command

Multi Williams

Rotary Machine




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