A good control is smooth and precise and it enhances both your performance and enjoyment of the games.


Many early arcade games had controls which felt different to the modern generic equivalents, and you might want to replicate the originals for that authentic feel. Due to lack of availability we have had to design and build several original style controls. Generally we have made some improvement to the performance or the functionality. 


Click the links below to learn more about the controls we use.


Note: Some of our controls are on general sale, but others are exclusive to our arcade machine customers. 




2way Joystick


Short 2way stick for Defender



Grommet Leaf Joystick


Rubber grommet centering, and Leaf switches.




4.5" Trackball


Atari Missile Command size.





Tempest or Arkanoid? Our spinner can mimic both.



Sanwa JLF


Popular Japanese joystick



Seimitsu LS55


Popular Japanese joystick.



  IL Eurostick


  Quality Bat Top Joystick.



Leaf Buttons


Traditional Leaf switch buttons.



Microswitch Buttons


Non-clicky arcade buttons

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