Leaf Buttons

Leaf buttons were the original type of buttons used on most of the early video games (carried over from pinball machines). The name comes from the leaf switch that it is used with.


These button have a long throw which is part of the authentic feel. The leaf switches allow for flutter firing techniques which give fast fire rates. And the long throw makes it easier to avoid bottoming out which is more comfortable and less damaging to old bodies.


If you wish to buy leaf button assemblies from us, see this page. 



We have sourced new leaf switches with gold contacts. The same geometry and leaf stiffness as Williams (and nearly everyone else) used.



We mount the switch on a sliding block which allows the user to adjust the cantilever length and hence button stiffness.


Compliant orings allow for fine screw adjustment of the switch gap (no more clumsy bending with needle nosed pliers). 


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