ZeroPlay 2way Joystick


This joystick is a direct replacement for the Wico joystick used by Williams in Defender, Joust, Stargate, and Moon Patrol.


It uses roller bearings at the pivot to give a super smooth action that won't wear out and become loose like the original. With all the slack taken out of the stick you get super fast and precise response. This joystick (or the Williams upgrade kit) is currently being enjoyed by many of the best players in the world.


The handle has a fixed 31mm ball on a stainless steel shaft, and it screws into the pivot. Note that this means an end to twiddling the handle between waves, so you'll have to find a new habit. It also may make it unsuitable for use at locations where users might steal the handle (Recommended: Do it up hand tight with threadlock, this will make it near impossible to remove without tools).


For installation in a newly made wood control panel, there is no need to rebate a channel in the underside, just a tidy slot is needed. See dimensions and mounting info below.




There are two height variants, depending on the control panel thickness. For original control panels choose the following. The ball height will match orignal Williams installation.


    19mm for Stargate, MoonPatrol, Joust, Ice Cold Beer, 

    21mm for Defender.



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2way zeroplay joystick with Red handle

Select the variant to suit your control panel thickness (so that the ball height will match orignal Williams installation).
Also available with Black knob for Galaxian (send email or add a note to the order)

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