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As I have a fix for the missed reverse problem that Defender players sometimes suffer from I want to make the solution available to anyone building a Defender game based on a MAME system.


So here I offer the USB encoder that I now use on my panels. It has up to 24 digital inputs, and a corresponding number of earths (and +5V pins, handy for optical devices). I offer it with MAME standard keys, or my modified keys (ALT,CTRL not used), or custom keys. The encoder has a micro-usb socket (which is thru board soldered at 4 points, so is not delicate like some arduino clones).


I haven't set these up as a shop, so email me if you are interested and let me know what inputs you need. If you are doing something interesting like Defender+Tempest or Defender+Missile Command I can add optical spinner functionality too. 


I wire my panels using dupont connectors at the encoder, and dupont at the joystick (if possible eg JLF-01 or LS55-01) otherwise solder at the controls. Thus I'm normallycutting and stripping one end of the pre-made dupont wires. 




£20  24input encoder with dupont headers unsoldered.

+£3  soldered headers for 14inputs, 14earths, 4x5V

+£4  soldered headers for 21inputs, 21earths, 4x5V

+£5 soldered headers for 24inputs, 23earths, 4x5V 


+£2 custom mapping 14inputs

+£3 custom mapping 24inputs


15p  40cm Dupont female to female. Use as is, or cut and strip ends to make 1 or 2 connection wires.

10p  30cm Dupont female to female. Use as is, or cut and strip ends to make 1 or 2 connection wires.

10p  20cm Dupont female to female. Use as is.


24 input USB keyboard encoder with 14 input headers (and14 earths)
24 input USB keyboard encoder on a Fighter panel
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