Having diagnosed the missed reverse problem and fixed it in my usb keyboard encoder for MAME use, my thoughts turned to a solution for cabinet owners running JROK or Original PCB.


I have coded a solution that runs on a little AVR board. It has been tested successfully with a JROK WSF. From my basic  electronics understanding, I think it will work with original boards too.


It's a 5V device so I don't think it can damage anything, but I disclaim any responsibility for damage to your hardware. 




How to use it.


You supply it with 5V and Ground, and then you will snip your control panel button wires ( Fire, Thrust, Reverse, Hyperspace, Bomb) and connect them to either side of the Reverse Fixer.  


A jumper sets the Reverse Fix function default to On or Off. And reverse fixing can be turned on or off at anytime via a button combination. 


The board can be unplugged and replaced by jumper wires to remove the device temprorarily from the circuit.



How to buy it. 


Price is £27 inc post. 


Contact me first to see what form factors are available.






Original Arcade Boards


If there is interest and someone can point me to a source for the original molex? input plugs and sockets, I could get a pcb with made that will plug in to the original harness.







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