Having diagnosed the missed reverse problem and created a remedy for our control panels, we also have the ability to make a solution for cabinet owners running JROK or Original PCB.


Because demand is unclear I'm going pre-sell it.  If enough people buy I will code it, test it, and then produce them.



The pre-sale will work like this:


I'll put updates on this page of how many have been ordered.

Any time you want you can withdraw, email me and I'll refund your payment.

If it looks like it's going nowhere I'll cancel and refund everyone.

Once I reach the pre-sale numbers needed I may end the pre-sale.

If I run into technical difficulties I reserve the right to give up and refund everyone.


What are the numbers needed:


I have a JROK but I don't have an original PCB. And I don't have the electronics knowledge right now to say that the same solution will work on both (but I think it will.)  So:


I need around 10 sales to go ahead with JROK version.

And I need around 10 sales, and a volunteer tester, to go ahead with the williamsPCB version.

These numbers may change as more information becomes available. 



What is it / How do I use it ?


It will be a little AVR, plugged into a screw terminal board.  You will supply it with 5V, earth, and your control panels wires will go in one side, and then out the other to your PCB.


If you don't mind snipping your control panel wires then you won't need anything else. If you want to keep your harness in tact you will need to find the appropriate plugs and sockets to break into your wiring harness.  If anyone offers to provide those I will mention it here.


It will have 2 modes :  Normal and Defender   (because eg reverse has to work like a normal button for Joust on a MW panel)


What's the Price ?


The pre-sale price is £25 inc post.  Chances are the price will go up after the pre-sale. .


ReverseFixer - Pre Sale

Fixes Reversing troubles on Defender

Price Includes worldwide shipping (7-14 day service)

Choose variant


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