Having diagnosed the missed reverse problem and fixed it in my usb keyboard encoder for MAME use, my thoughts turned to a solution for cabinet owners running JROK or Original PCB.


I have coded a solution that runs on a little AVR board. It has been tested successfully with a JROK WSF. From my basic  electronics understanding, I think it will work with original boards too.


It's a 5V device so I don't think it can damage anything, but I disclaim any responsibility for damage to your hardware. 




How to use it.


You supply it with 5V and Ground, and you run your control panel inputs through it ( Fire, Thrust, Reverse, Hyperspace, Bomb).


You can snip your wires and put the board in the gap. Or you could wire the appropriate Williams plugs and sockets to the reverse fixer (maybe order the board without terminals?).


A jumper sets the Reverse Fix function default to On or Off. And reverse fixing can be turned on or off at anytime via a button combination. 



How to buy it. 


Prices as follows for Paypal Gift (send money) to:


UK        18GBP  (paypal gift, no buyer protection, 2day shipping untracked)

EU        23Euro (paypal gift, no buyer protection, 4day shipping untracked)

World  25USD  (paypal gift, no buyer protection, 14day shipping untracked)


Include your address and choose board with terminals or without terminals.




or for Buyer Protection and tracked shipping use the shop below:

(let me know in message or email whether you want board with terminals or without terminals.)


Reverse Fixer

Hardware Fixer for Defender Reverse Problem (also Bomb and Hyperspace problem)

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