Having diagnosed the missed reverse problem and fixed it in the usb keyboard encoder for MAME use, my thoughts turned to a solution for cabinet owners running JROK or Original PCB.


I tried a pre-sale to guage interest, and the result was: very little interest.


So while I think I have a solution, it hasn't been tested on JROK or Original PCB. Next time I assemble my JROK system it will probably get tested then.


If anyone wants to buy/try one untested then get in touch with me. It's a 5V device so I don't think it can damage anything, but I disclaim any responsibility for damage to your hardware. 



What is it / How do I use it ?


It will be a little AVR, plugged into a screw terminal board.  You will supply it with 5V, earth, and your control panels wires will go in one side, and then out the other to your PCB.  The board can be unplugged and replaced by jumpers to remove the modification totally.


If you don't mind snipping your control panel wires then you won't need anything else. If you want to keep your harness in tact you will need to find the appropriate plugs and sockets to break into your wiring harness. 


It will have 2 modes :  Normal and ReverseFix   (because eg reverse has to work like a normal button for Joust on a MW panel)



What's the Price ?


I'll do the first untested one for £25 inc post. 


Price will probably be £30 once it's tested !






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