ZeroPlay bearing kit. Upgrade for Williams 2way joystick



This is an upgrade kit for the short 2way Wico joystick used by Williams in Defender, Joust, Stargate, and Moon Patrol. Also used in Ice Cold Beer.  Those joysticks wear in several places which results in a sloppy handle and imprecise control.


The kit provides a new axle, with roller bearings at the pivot to give a super smooth action. O-rings are used to make a snug fit between the new axle and your worn original handle. 


The kit is now universal, it caters for the two common panel thicknesses of 21mm (Defender) and 19mm (Stargate, Joust, MoonPatrol, Ice cold Beer).  Note: with the original joystick the ball height was set by the position of the washer above or below the axle.


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Shipping note:

In the past we have had some slow deliveries (>14days) and this has got noticeable worse with US deliveries during covid. 

Therefore we have swapped to a faster signed for service (target 7days USA, 3days Europe). 

UK customers will receive a postage refund of £5.


ZeroPlay Bearing Kit

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ZP kit


Installation notes and videos:


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