There were quite a few (many?) different styles of spinner back in the arcade days. Two of the biggest games were Tempest and Arkanoid which used very different spinners.


  • Tempest used a small top hat style knob and is free spinning with a high inertia,it had plain bearings and as they wore out it developed a characteristic 'buuuurrrr' as the shaft wobbled in the bearings.
  • Arkanoid used a large diamter knob, which you turned back and forth less than a full revolution. It had plastic gears to gear up the rotation and which provided friction/resistance.



Our latest spinner has quick swappable inertia wheels and variable friction, so in a few seconds you can swap from high inertia / no friction to low inertian / high friction.   You could also swap the knobs over if you like, that just involves an allen key and one or two grub screws. 


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