There were quite a few (many?) different styles of spinner back in the arcade days. Two of the biggest games were Tempest and Arkanoid which used very different spinners.


  • Tempest used a small top hat style knob and is free spinning with a high inertia,it had plain bearings and as they wore out it developed a characteristic 'buuuurrrr' as the shaft wobbled in the bearings.
  • Arkanoid used a large diamter knob, which you turned back and forth less than a full revolution. It had plastic gears to gear up the rotation and which provided friction/resistance.



Our latest spinner has quick swappable inertia wheels and variable friction, so in a few seconds you can swap from high inertia / no friction to low inertian / high friction.   You could also swap the knobs over if you like, that just involves an allen key and one or two grub screws. 



Currently our Spinner is only available to Arcade Machine customers.


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