Grommet Leaf Stick

The name tells you the two most important features of this joystick. Like many of the joysticks used in the early games this has a rubber centering grommet and leaf switches.


The rubber grommet gives a different feel than the various spring and plate systems that came later. It has a linear feel through the centre which is just more pleasing than the notchy transition of spring systems.


Leaf switches give a more precise actuation than micro switches, with a micro switch the engage/disengage point changes depending on the sweep direction.


Our stick adds some new features not available anywhere else:


The SNAP version has quick, one handed, gate change with no tools required. This feature works especially well with our controls panels which all lift up. Now you can play Pacman with a diamond, Donkey Kong with a cloverleaf, Scramble with an octagon, 1942 with a circle, and joust with a slot.


Screwed micro adjustment of contact gap - no more clumsy hit and miss bending with pliers. This is used to initially set-up the stick for how easy the diagonals are going to be. The switches shouldn't go out of adjustment with proper use.


The handle can be swapped easily (screwdriver required). This allows you to eg use a short 31mm ball for joust, and then change to a medium length 35mm ball for Pacman. Or you could swap a pacman handle for a long 38mm Robotorn handle.


Oh yes, there is also an optical version, for those who love the Perfect 360 / Wico P360 / Happ P360.



The flexibility of this stick gives lots of options for using the same panel for different games, eg using a Robotron panel to also play 4way games with an authentic diamond or cloverleaf gate.



Currently this stick is only available to Arcade Machine customers.



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