Robotron Control Panels


This panel is based on Robotron, so it usually comes with two grommet leaf sticks with long 38mm ball handles (ie same as the original game). We make our own grommet leaf stick, or we can get refurbished original Wicos.


Other joysticks options are Sanwa JLW. Some people prefer Bat top sticks even for Robotron, for those we would recommend Eurostick2


If you opt for our grommet leaf stick with quick change gate then it takes less than 10sec to insert a diamond or cloverleaf gate which is great/authentic for your 4way games. 


Available in various colour schemes. 


Robotron Control Panel



RobotronPlus2 and RobotronPlus4 


Adding extra buttons allows a lot more games to be played.


Plus2: Two buttons in the centre lets you play all the single stick 4/8way games.


Plus4: Two buttons for each stick allows for 2player simultaneous games as well (eg Joust, Galaxy War, KungFu Master).


Robotron Control Panel in Red/Yellow
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