Fighter Control Panel


This is a standard Fighter control panel. 


Two joysticks and 6 buttons each mean you can play nearly every arcade game.


There is a wide choice of joysticks, generally we suggest Sanwa JLW or JLF for ball top fans, and IL Eurostik2 for bat top fans. We have special mounting plates to mount Sanwa and Seimitsu at the correct height in the wooden panel.


We recommend (and can supply) circular gates for general purpose gaming. The Sanwas come as standard with square gates so those will be available to you if that's your fighting preference.




Robotron is playable on this panel if you are don't want the extra expense of the leaf grommet sticks. Or you could put grommet leaf sticks in this panel making it available for more games than the Robotron panels.



Robotron styled Fighter panel
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