Fighter Control Panel


This is a standard Fighter control panel as seen on many MAME cabinets. Two joysticks and 6 buttons each gives you the controls to play nearly every arcade game.


Generally for this panel we suggest Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS55 for ball top fans, and IL Eurostik2 for bat top fans. We have custom mounting plates to mount the sticks at the correct height in the wooden panel.


We recommend circular gates for general purpose gaming. The Japanese sticks come as standard with square gates so those will be available to you if that's your fighting preference.




Robotron is very playable on this panel with the above mentioned joysticks, making it very good value if you like fighters too. Alternatively you could specify our grommet leaf sticks if you want to make the Robotron experience more original, we are not fighters though and don't have an opinion on how good our grommet stick is for fighting games.


Robotron styled Fighter panel
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