Desktop Panels (Fightsticks)


Fightsticks typically plug into the USB socket on your PC where you will run MAME. They can have admin buttons on the rear face for basic admin eg pause, quit, coin, play if needed, alternatively you can use a keyboard for those functions. 


Our primary fightstick design incorporates our cabinet panel. This is perfect for someone who wants to play Defender now, but also might want to upgrade to a full cabinet later.


Buy the panel now, and the rest of the cabinet later.


Alternatively, the flat panel version is slightly cheaper.




The basic price is £45 plus the cabinet panel price from here:  Control Panels 




+£5 per rear admin button if required. 

-£20 flat panel version.

-£40 No USB encoder, No wiring

-£10 No lid


DIY options:


-£30  You spray the black parts (2 sides, back, front(?) ), spray paint NOT SUPPLIED.

-£30  You connect/solder the wires from encoder to the controls (wires supplied).



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