DefenderPlus Control Panel

Defender Control Panel DefenderPlus Control Panel

This panel starts out as a standard Stargate panel  (Defender plus inviso), with all the buttons in the correct postion. It has the zeroplay 2way joystick to give you the ultimate feel and control. And proper leaf buttons for thrust, fire, and reverse (You can upgrade the others to leaf if you like). 


And then we add Left/Right buttons. This lets you play games such as: Galaxian, Asteroids, Phoenix, Space Invaders.


DefenderPlusJLF Control Panel


A 4/8way joystick can be added to the middle of the panel (quite a common position on single stick arcade machines). This greatly expands the number of games playable without needing to swap the panel with no degradation to the Defender experience. 


All our panels come in a variety of colours schemes, including original colours. 

Defender Control Panel

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