Custom Control Panels


Use our contact page to enquire about custom control panels.


We can save you a lot of work by eg modifying graphics to your needs, and providing a finished panel with mounted controls.


For eg MAME systems we can provide a populated panel wired to a USB keyboard encoder (with reverse fix for Defender) so all you have to do is plug it into your PC.


The only contruction method we offer is thin hardwearing textured vinyl, wrapped around the front edge.  We don't offer panels with knock in edging or thick (2,3,4mm ) perspex top sheets.


As standard we use very high density 20mm grey fibreboard, but 19mm 13ply furniture birch ply is an option (same price). 


Flat panels, or 90 degree drop fronts are standard. Other designs might be possible but would probably involve design and jig costs.




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