Vertical Arcade Machine

Unlike modern games, a lot of early arcade games used the monitor rotated (portrait). They are referred to as vertical games, and vertical cabinets. 


A lot of those games used a 4way joystick: 


Space Invaders, Galaxian, PacMan, Mr Do, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pengo, Qix, Eggor, Pheonix, ...


There were also some 8way joystick vertical games


1942, Scramble, Tutankham, Time Pilot, Xevious, Zaxxon



If you want the 4way games to feel more authentic (and perform better) then you will want a diamond (pacman) or cloverleaf (donkey Kong) restrictor. This can be achieved by swapping the restrictor on the joystick, or by having another control panel. 



A dedicated vertical cab like this sits nicely next to a horizontal cabinet, giving you a mini-arcade. Alternatively, our rotary screen model gives you everything in one cabinet.






Example system: 

£  875   Vertical Screen Arcade Machine

£  150   4way/8way JLF Panel  2 buttons

£      0   Fixed panel system

£ 1025  Vertical Screen JLF Fixed Panel


Optional Swap Panel System (SPS):

£   80   SPS and 1 storage compartment

£ 130   SPS and 3 storage compartments

£ 150   SPS and 4 storage compartments

£   25   additional Quick Swap marquees        


Alternate and Extra Control Panels:  

£100 to £350    See Control Panels for details.


Graphics Options:  

£ Free   Your choice of our existing graphics.

£ Free   You can provde your own graphics.

£ POA   New or custom graphics.


£ Free   Collection (long estate car or van required).

£  100   Specialist courier, approx 2-5 week service.

£  POA  Immediate delivery by ourselves,  



Order Process:
A telephone conversation early in the process is usually the best way to establish your requirements and from there the best solution for you. It's a complex trade-off between budget and which games you care most about. Also we'll be thinking about when it can be built/delivered which depends on stock levels and the current build queue.
When you are ready to order, if it's a custom build we will take a deposit and that secures your position in the build queue.


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