Horizontal Arcade Machine


Apart from some of the early classics, most games are designed for a horizontally oriented screen. So most fixed screen arcade machines therefore have a horizontal screen. Vertical games played on this machine will be vertically letterboxed  (black bars left and right).  



  • This machine can be decorated with custom art of your choice. 
  • Quick swap multi panel system with panel storage 
  • Narrow (560mm) or Wide (640mm) versions



Combine this with one of our Vertical machines and you will have your own mini-arcade in which you can play almost any game with the correct controls and the correct screen orientation. The machines can share control panels between them.





Example system: 

£  875   Horizontal Screen Arcade Machine

£  210   Fighter Panel 2x JLF clones, 12 buttons

£      0   Fixed panel system

£ 1085  Horizontal Screen Fixed Fighter Panel


Optional Swap Panel System (SPS):

£   80   SPS and 1 storage compartment

£ 130   SPS and 3 storage compartments

£ 150   SPS and 4 storage compartments

£   25   additional Quick Swap marquees        


Alternate and Extra Control Panels:  

£100 to £350    See Control Panels for details.


Graphics Options:  

£ Free   Your choice of our existing graphics.

£ Free   You can provde your own graphics.

£ POA   New or custom graphics.


£ Free   Collection (long estate car or van required).

£  100   Specialist courier, approx 2-5 week service.

£  POA  Immediate delivery by ourselves,  



Order Process:
A telephone conversation early in the process is usually the best way to establish your requirements and from there the best solution for you. It's a complex trade-off between budget and which games you care most about. Also we'll be thinking about when it can be built/delivered which depends on stock levels and the current build queue.
When you are ready to order, if it's a custom build we will take a deposit and that secures your position in the build queue.


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