ZeroPlay bearing kit. Upgrade for Williams 2way joystick



This is an upgrade kit for the Wico joystick used by Williams in Defender, Joust, Stargate, and Moon Patrol. Those joysticks wear out which results in a sloppy handle that moves around a lot while sometimes barely making the switches activate.


This kit provides a new axle, with roller bearings at the pivot to give a super smooth action.


The orings help to make a snug fit with worn original handles. Or a new reproduction handle can be used (not available at present).



Alternatively, below you can see a version with a new screw in  handle. The handle has a fixed 31mm ball on a stainless steel shaft, and it screws into the axle. Note that this means an end to twiddling the handle between waves, so you'll have to find a new habit. It also may make it unsuitable for use at locations where users might steal the handle (although you could do it up tight with threadlock to make it very hard to unscrew).   The shaft is 9mm, which means you will have to slightly enlarge the hole in your original dust washer.




£27 inc worlwide shipping for the basic version

£40 inc worlwide shipping for the version with new handle.


but I'm afraid that due to a rush on cabinets: 

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