Leaf Buttons (short)

Leaf buttons were the original type of buttons used on most of the early video games (carried over from pinball machines). Later, arcade operators often replaced them with microswitch buttons for maintenace reasons.


But as well as authenticity, proper leaf buttons offer performance advantages. The long throw is more comfortable (and less damaging to old bodies) and if you learn the flutter technique can be fired faster than a microswitch.


We use the short version, which means the maximum panel thickness they will mount in is 18mm. For thicker panels the backside will need to be rebated. This is the length that was used by Williams. 


These are the 'snap' version, meaning they are not held together with a metal clip, they snap together via a barbed collar.



We have sourced new leaf switches with gold contacts. The same geometry and leaf stiffness as Williams (and nearly everyone else) used. Note that Williams switches had a deep block, these switches will need mounting on a 5mm or 6mm platform of some kind (depending on panel thickness).



Contact us if you want to buy buttons or switches. Buttons are £3.50 (bare) Switches are £2.80 (bare). Pal Nuts  20p, large M16 washers 20p, 6mm padding blocks for switches 20p.  





This is how we mount leaf switches on our control panels. A sliding mounting block allows to adjust the cantilever length and hence stiffness. 


Compliant orings allow for fine screw adjustment of the switch gap (no more clumsy bending with needle nosed pliers). 


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