JROK Multi-Williams Machine


This is the arcade machine for fans of the Williams classics.


Simply plug in a JROK WMS jamma board and you have near perfect emulation of Defender, Stargate, Robotron, Joust, Bubbles, Splat, Blaster


It comes equipped with our quick swap panel system, so you can play the games with controls that feel right and are in proper locations.


The screen and controls are the same size and in the same position as on the original Defender cabinet. But using an LCD screen means it is much smaller and lighter than the original. At around 75kg it has enough weight to be stable but it is also easily manageable which is not something you can say about the originals.


You will likely choose the narrow version (560mm overall width) as you are not going to be trying to cram controls for 2000 games onto one panel.


If going for more than one panel it is recommended to get the panel storage compartments.


A handy under panel USB slot will allow you to load up different variants of the games where available, eg there are some new variants on Defender with different game structures and enemy mixes.


Graphics can be tailored in a wide variety of ways. You can choose two different side arts. You could choose an overall colour scheme eg Red/Yellow or Blue/Yellow and apply that to all the panels and sides. Or you could keep each panel to its own standard colours.


The marquee is quick swappable so you can have one to match each panel.


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