Defender Arcade Machine

This arcade machine is aimed at the Defender fan !


Defender is the game that got me into retro-gaming, and it's unusual control panel is the reason I had to design the quick swap panel system. Any Defender is good, but using a short precise 2way stick and having proper leaf buttons in the correct positions adds another level of enjoyment.


The screen and controls are the same size and in the same position as on the original Defender cabinet. But using an LCD screen means it is much smaller and lighter than the original. At around 75kg it has enough weight to be stable but it is also easily manageable which is not something you can say about the original.


With the addition of Left and Right buttons on the DefenderPlus control panel, you can also play any of the Left/Right games, eg Asteroids, Galaxian, Galaga, Space Invaders, Phoenix....


It comes equipped with our quick swap panel system, so you can add further control panels later eg Robotron, Missile Command, StreetFighter, Battlezone.


A lot of effort has gone into ensuring top performance from the emulation system, which is important for such a fast and responsive game as Defender. And also to ensure that games like Robotron play correctly (which it doesn't on eg XXin1 jamma boards)


You will also find some interesting new versions of Defender on the menu. And various named settings (eg TGTS) which means they will have separate high score tables.


Controls that feel like the original can be important to bring back those old memories, but precise controls are even more important. Our zeroplay 2way joystick is the same geometry as the original, it's just a bit better (using roller bearings to remove the free play that was found on the original stick). For buttons we use original style leaf buttons for Thrust, Fire and Reverse and they can be added for all buttons if requested.


Storage compartments for  additional control Panels are an option.



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