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At jbgaming we love the classic arcade games, and we are serious about playing them properly, for us that means high performance emulation and high performance controls.


Our quick swap control panel system lets you play your favourite game without any compromise on the controls. The menu system has a different gamelist for each control panel. This ensures that the user can't select a game that is not suitable for the control panel.


Optional storage compartments are available for up to 5 extra panels.


The rotary screen machine solves the problem of how to play vertical and horizintal games on one machine at the correct screen size.


If you just want a standard fighter panel that plays everything, that's OK too. Our machine is no more expensive than standard PC based multigame machines, and you'll always have the option to add more panels later.






Naked Cabinets (No Control panel, Marquee, or Storage):


 Fixed Screen  (Horizontal or Vertical)     £   850  

 RotaryScreen  (19" screen)                     £ 1050

 Duo ( a Horizontal and a Vertical )          £ 1650



Storage compartments:


 0 Compartments ( fixed front)      £   0

 1 Compartment (up to 2 panels)  £ 40

 3 Compartment (up to 5 panels)  £ 80

 4 Compartment (up to 4 panels)  £100


Control Panels:  

 Control panels range from  £130 to  £350 each 

 See the Control Panels section for details.

Quick swap marquee                     £25 each.

Waiting time from order to delivery is typically 6 to 8 weeks.



Collection is encouraged

Delivery can be arranged with a specialist courier. (Approx £100, 2 week service) 




You may notice that we quite like Defender and Robotron !  Always happy to talk to fellow fans.


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